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The depths of Keena Maya's sound are incantations, drawing us down into our roots, grounding us into our bodies, and invoking the incandescent deity within us to rise.

Who is She?

... guided by the rhythms  of the Earth and Moon ... 

Sound artist, producer, DJ based in New York. 

She passionately creates intentional, ritualistic dance and meditation experiences. Embodiment over substances to awaken deep states of being and connecting with ourselves, each other,
and the beyond human world. 

 She calls her sound 'BASS BLISS' - an ancestral transmission for heart expansion via the dance floor.  

She is one-half of  L I V E  electronic/acoustic project  b e i n g - s o u n d  - with her partner Joro-Boro.
They perform sound rituals, guide binaural bass meditations,  and create immersive sound art. 


Keena Maya is here to empower the creativity of others and does this through her work as a resident of  the Collective BAE, a feminine powered intentional music collective amplifying  cross-cultural connection, collaboration, co-creation, and wellness for ALL.

She is a contributor to the New York City and global Ecstatic Dance communities.   


Keena Maya is, so that we may be.  


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